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Basic Tips for Runners – No.3

Motivating Yourself

Decide on an attainable goal, say a 10K race in ten weeks time. Then choose a schedule which suits the stage you are at and which builds up in the required time.

Now enter the race. Know the race date and paying for it will help focus the mind.

Print out the chosen schedule and keep it where you can refer to it easily.

Undertake the training sessions – whatever the weather or how you feel. Obviously don’t go out if conditions are dangerous or you are ill. Otherwise make no excuses – just get out there and do it.

Write up what you have done in your log book – you do have a log book, don’t you? See example here

Keep doing this for ten weeks and then take part in the 10K. If things have gone to plan you will feel good and have a terrific run on the day.

Don’t worry if things don’t work out as planned. Have a look at your log book to see what could have gone better.

Now choose another event and go for it

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