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Basic Tips for Runners – No.5

Forget Speed

Before thinking about speed sessions it is necessary to have a good running base.

For the beginner it will be enough to run for any distance at a sensible pace. Many new runners run too fast and then have to walk.

So the first thing to do is to slow down. Find your present optimum running pace. This is usually much slower than you try to maintain to begin with.

Jogging is the way to start. At this sensible steady rate you will be able to build distance. Your pace will improve anyway when you can keep going.

Once you can cover distance comfortably it is the time to think about injecting speed.

Even when you get to the stage of incorporating speed sessions you will need to do steady running to consolidate the training. It is all about putting in all the right foundations and building securely.

So, build speed slowly.

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