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Basic Tips for Runners – No.6

Hills During the Long Run

Hills that crop up during a steady run are tackled in different ways according to the mind of the individual runner.

Some runners push hard into a hill in their effort to reach the top and feel triumphant at the completion.

Some runners kid themselves into the hill run by focusing only on the few metres ahead until the top is reached.

To be able to run well whatever the course you should think in terms of effort rather than pace. Put in the same effort going up hill or down.

Some other things you can incorporate:

Maintain your stride rate but shorten your stride length. This should come naturally but just check that this is what is in fact happening.

Make sure that you are lifting the knees. Think about what happens when you go up stairs. The knees are lifted much higher than when walking on the flat. OK I know that you will not be running up hills as steep as this but the exaggerated illustration should help you to think about the difference in style.

Use your arms to help drive you up the hill.

Keep relaxed – don’t tense up. Try to keep the hills as steady as the rest of the run.

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