Basic Tips for Runners – No.4

Be consistent If you are going to make your training pay off you must be consistent. First decide how many times a week you are going to run. This decision will be based on how fit you are and what goals you have in mind. If you are a beginner three times a week will… more

Optimum Stride Length

There has been much said about over striding but what does this mean? What is the best stride length? These are questions which have many answers all of which come down to the individual runner. Let’s have a look at some points here so that you can decide for yourself. Much, of course, will depend… more

Running Smoothly

Do you bounce along when you run? If so you are using much too much energy plus you are not moving along as fast as you could. Running is about moving forward. That means only forward. If you bounce then you are moving up as well as forward. Imagine if you didn’t bounce. All that… more

Low Glycemic Index Diets

- Are They The Path To Weight Loss? By Tom Nuckels The American Heart Association, the American Dietetic Association and other prominent groups endorse a unified set of guidelines for the optimum diet. These organizations exhort that the majority of calories in the daily diet should come from carbohydrates (55% to 60%); fat should provide… more

Basic Tips for Runners – No.3

Motivating Yourself Decide on an attainable goal, say a 10K race in ten weeks time. Then choose a schedule which suits the stage you are at and which builds up in the required time. Now enter the race. Know the race date and paying for it will help focus the mind. Print out the chosen… more

New Runner

I’ve just answered a query from a new runner who is suffering aches and pains and thought that I would share it here: Beginners tend to think that all you have to do is get out there and run. That’s fine up to a point. However, you should start gently. Try not to sprint. I… more

Basic Tips for Runners – No.2

Run with Others Running with others is a great help to get training done. Or put it the other way: if you are a solitary runner it takes an awful lot of will power to get out that front door. So this tip is about having others to run with. For some it is possible… more

VDOT and Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels, is an American professor of physical education and coach of Olympic athletes He set out the basis of his running ideas in which he cites six performance components with five training intensities. This is referred to as Performance Components Cardiovascular System – transporting oxygen Running Muscles – use of oxygen Lactate Threshold –… more

Basic Tips for Runners – No.1

Good Foundations If you are a beginner, a runner coming back after illness or injury, experienced runner wanting to move up a distance you will wish to hit your eventual targets soon. Well there is no quick way to achieve your aims. The only sure way is to take it slowly. Wherever you are in… more

Marathon Preparation Using 20 miler


Many runners like to get a 20 mile race in before tackling a full marathon. However, these are not easy events to come by. I’ve just had a question from a runner who wants to do a 20 mile race in the Autumn. I know of no such races at the end of the year.… more

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