The Running Schedules

Whether you want to start running or you want to train for a marathon, it is important to follow a properly thought out schedule in order to achieve your goal.

Over the past thirty years I have structured programmes for runners of all abilities. I have proved that all runners who have carefully followed these have always achieved a good result.

Of course, it is always easier for me if I have constant contact with the runners who are following the schedules that I set for them. However, I have decided that my knowledge and experience can be useful to others and so I am setting out a selection of schedules.

These schedules should be followed taking into account other advice within this website.

Whichever schedule you select, please follow it through from beginning to end. It is no good suddenly deciding to incorporate sessions taken from other sources.

You will often appear to be bogged down in the middle of a schedule but just work on through it and you will find that you achieve your goals.

Eight Step Starter Programme

A training programme for the absolute beginner. If you have not run in the last five years, this is where you should start. The time taken for this programme will depend a lot on your individual fitness level and age.

Beginners’ 5kms

This is a good distance for new runners to aim at if only because there are many events around the country that you can take part in. Most Race for Life events are based on the 5kms distance and those taking part range between the fast competitive runners through to the strollers with babies in buggies. If you wish to train for the 5kms distance then take part in the Park Run which is organised every Saturday morning in suitable parks throughout the country.

10kms Schedule for Beginners

The next step in the build up for distances for the beginner is the 10kms. This is quite achievable provided you have put in the previous steps. This is a very popular distance for all standards of runners so you will be certain to find one that you can use as your goal race.

10kms Schedule – Intermediate

This is a good schedule to build your mileage and your confidence. Again a gradual increase in mileage to enable you to cover the ground well.

Marathon – Schedule A

This is a well proven programme for people who are already running a good amount regularly each week. If you have already completed a marathon then use this programme to achieve a PB

Other schedules are on the way to provide training for all runners. Many schedules and sessions that I use with groups and individuals just need putting together – as soon as I get the time.

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