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Running Smoothly

Do you bounce along when you run? If so you are using much too much energy plus you are not moving along as fast as you could.

Running is about moving forward. That means only forward. If you bounce then you are moving up as well as forward. Imagine if you didn’t bounce. All that effort you are putting into going up could be used to go forward. How much further forward would you go? Well that depends on how high you bounce.

Also the higher you bounce the harder you land. The up and down movement is not good for your leg and foot muscles and joints. Just think of the added shock absorption that is needed.

OK, so what do you do? Try taking shorter strides. Keep your feet closer to the ground. Don’t run on your toes as this can cause you to ‘jump’ at each stride. Try to cultivate a mid foot landing.

Use your arms to drive forward. The way you move your arms helps to propel you in a particular manner

Imagine that you have a wall alongside you. The top of the wall is at eye level. You need to keep at that level with the wall as you run along.

This is all about harnessing the power that you have and producing the outcome that you need.

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