Recording Your Progress

Never rely on memory. Keep everything in writing – in a book or a file on your computer.

I am going to make suggestions here. You may like a different way. No matter what you prefer get all your efforts and achievements set out in a sensible manner.

First your Training Planner

This can be a monthly calendar on which you can enter the programme that you are going to follow together with your venues, specific races and events.

It can be just an outline with the particular programme attached for the details.

Log Book

Let’s look at the Log Book or Diary. This should contain a record of your training sessions. I find that having a double page spread for each week is good because of the white space which shows when no exercise is undertaken. Obviously a certain amount of blanks is due to planned rest days but others show up clearly for illness, injury or laziness.

Date Miles Time Pace Route Notes

Weight Tracker

If you are running for weight loss keep a graph showing loss/gain. This shows clearly what is happening. Or keep a weight log. This can be integrated with your training log.

A twice weekly check will be enough to show variation. You will find that your weight will at times go up instead of down but if you keep a record you will see exactly why this is. For women, of course, there will be a monthly pattern. If weight is decreasing steadily you will see it clearly rather than just comparing the latest weighing with the previous.

If you are new to running you will need to take into account the increasing weight of your muscles. I’ve always found that taking measurements is a great indicator of what is really happening.

If you keep food log alongside your weight tracker you will be able to adjust your everyday diet.

Now please, do not get bogged down by all the statistics. If you attempt this from the beginning though you will find it quite motivating.

Goal Board

Think about what you are aiming at

  • Reduce weight to 12 stones from 15 stones = 3 stones in 3 months
  • Run 10k race in 50 minutes in 10 weeks
  • Follow XYZ schedule
  • Train to run a marathon

Find the actual events you wish to take part in. Now find pictures that represent these goals and put them on your board. Put the board where you will regularly see it. This will be a continual reminder to motivate you.

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