Running Pace Calculator

Running Pace

The Running Pace Calculator is an essential tool to the long distance runner. Use the running pace calculator at your convenience to determine your estimated time in your upcoming long distance race or marathon.

As the rest of the world converted to the metric system, so did the marathon. However, many runners typically measure their daily run in miles as opposed to kilometres.

First, you will have to determine the average rate at which you run a mile:

  1. Time yourself running more than one mile (it is important to time yourself running multiple miles to determine a most accurate prediction.)
  2. Use a basic calculator to divide minutes by however many miles you ran to determine your minutes per miles.

For example, if a runner covers ten miles in two hours he would divide the 120 minutes (2 hours) by 10 (miles) to produce an answer of 12 minutes per mile.

Once you work out your minute per mile rate you can enter the details in the pace calculator.

To Use the Calculator

Get this Calculator

  • Enter the minute per mile average
  • Choose the race distance. (5k, 10k, Half Marathon or Marathon)
  • Click on the Calculate button at the bottom.

..and there’s your answer.

Important Things to Remember

  • Accurate entries = accurate results. For most accurate results remember to measure your time in multiple miles. Use a basic calculator to determine the average rate at which you run a mile in a long distance rate.
  • If your race is either more, less, or somewhere in between the distances allowed in the Race Distance selection, you can always use a basic calculator to determine your final results. Example: John was running a 6K race and calculated that he ran 7 minute miles. Using the running pace calculator he calculated that he would run a 5K race in 21.75 minutes. John takes 21.75 and divides it by 5(on a basic calculator), to calculate that he would run a single kilometer in 4.35 minutes. Next, John multiplies 4.35 by 6, and discovers that he would run a 6K in 26.1 minutes.
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